English ads

Dear Editor:I wasn't going to respond to an earlier letter entitled "Just Relax" because it was, in my opinion, someone scolding someone else for voicing a concern. The author was telling me, as I was one of the chosen few he decided to scold, my expectation for English advertisements was unreasonable and that maybe they weren't trying to sell to me. The thing is, if they are advertising in the United States, they should be trying to sell to me, and they should be doing it at least partially in English. Yesterday I noticed on Lakewood Boulevard, just south of Bellflower Boulevard, a billboard for McDonald's in Spanish. And I saw another one on Bellflower Boulevard last night. McDonald's? Is this an example of a company that isn't trying to sell to me? I have a little boy, and we probably own stock in the McDonald's on Lakewood and Gallatin. But not any longer. If they aren't trying to sell to me, then I guess they won't mind if I take my business elsewhere. -- S. Courtney, Downey

********** Published: November 11, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 30