Dear Editor:Entitlements. I just love the above word and apparently so do our elected congressional representatives in Washington, D.C. In case you haven't heard, that is what they are calling Social Security and Medicare programs. Just speaking as an individual, I have paid into the Social Security system for approximately 30 years. I have also paid into the Medicare system since its inception. I never considered it an entitlement. I always considered it as "I have no choice". Stupid and naive me! I believed the government (something I no longer do regardless of the party affiliation) when they said we will take your money now and give you some of it back when you become eligible in your later years of life. Not one time did these representatives ever tell me they would also "borrow" money from this account nor did they ever say they wouldn't bother paying it back let alone pay it back with interest. Unlike a thief that steals money from another, these morons just pass a bill that permits them to take money legally. According to the majority of these morons, this "Entitlement" is now largely responsible for the downfall of the entire national budget and debt. I even heard them say some recipients are wealthy enough they do not need their portion of Social Security. Who decides which members of the public are well enough off financially to cut their benefits and who determines at what that dollar amount will be? Let me guess. The morons we elected to represent us. I understand their point behind being financially well off but where in the rules does it state each of us will pay into the system and if any of us become wealthy (however that is defined) in our later years, you lose your benefits and we keep your money? I'm guessing by the time this letter may be published, a new budget will be agreed upon and the debit limit will be increased. It must really be nice. I know of no business or person (household) that can spend more money than they make for an indifferent period of time and not face harm. I even heard one of these elected morons say what could they be thinking to even consider a rider that would require those in office to not spend more than the budget allowed. He stated something to the effect why should we handicap ourselves into such a position? It's real simple moron. You cannot spend more money than you take in period. And these are the same morons that borrow money from China so they can give it to other countries so they can get that warm and fuzzy all over good feeling? There exists enough problems right here in the good old USA for these morons to deal with such as unemployment, illegal aliens, lack of business, weak borders, utter disgust by a large number of citizens for those in power, double standards (such as in banking & etc), imports vs. exports and reestablishing trust between the citizenry and those in office. Ever think any of the above may become addressed? Not in my lifetime. -- David Abney, Downey

********** Published: August 11, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 17