Fifth graders honor nation's veterans

DOWNEY - Last Friday, Carpenter Elementary School's fifth grade student council held a school-wide assembly in honor of those who have and are currently serving our country.Fifth grade vice president, Yanni Ramirez, lead the assembly with the flag salute followed by a speech from Mrs. Katherine Esquire. That was followed by most of the student council members giving speeches about what Veterans Day is and what it meant to them. Two veterans came and spoke in front of the whole school, Sgt. Coates from the United States Army and Sgt. Martinez from the United States Marines. Both men spoke about their time that they served our country and some of their experiences. The student body sat on the black top captivated by the remarks that were shared with them. During this time the student council presented the veterans with white roses in honor of their service to our country. The student body also was active in the Veterans Day service by writing letters and putting them in a basket which will be taken to the V.A. hospital and some will be sent overseas. After the assembly, the student council members went on a walking field trip to Downey Cemetery. At the cemetery the students had their own wreath-laying ceremony where each child talked about how thankful they are for the people that gave their lives for our country. The students also had single roses with a card attached that they laid down on the graves of those that had served our country in the armed forces. This proved to be a great activity not only for the student body as a whole but also for the student council members who had the opportunity to honor those citizens of Downey in a personal way that I am sure they will take with them for years to come.

********** Published: November 13, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 30