Fireworks and tax dollars

Dear Editor:I would like to comment on the fireworks spending for this coming Fourth of July. It is no secret that the government at every level is doing some very painful and, in some cases, necessary spending cuts because the economy is still in a hole. These spending cuts will have a devastating effect in many sectors and I believe there will be some unwanted results. Teachers, police officers and city workers are being laid off, many companies are cutting corners to stay afloat and others - not as lucky - are going belly up. This is never good. With all these indicators screaming at us, and my City Council still doesn't get it, I have no choice but to question their common sense. Good common sense will keep you afloat in any situation; is common sense still alive in our city? I like to think so. Frugality is a standard practice that I expect from my City Council, especially right now during these turbulent times. Celebrating the independence of our great nation is the right thing to do. We have to honor the people who paid the ultimate price because thanks to them I have the freedom to write this letter, which otherwise would have been unthinkable. There are many ways to celebrate the independence of our nation without blowing $30,000 of our much-needed tax dollars. -- Victor M. Malagon, Downey

********** Published: May 19, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 5