Flu vaccine lie

Dear Editor:Why is The Downey Patriot lying to the public about vaccinations? ("Don't Let the Flu Ruin Your Cruise," 1/12/12) Thanks to the outright lies of the Centers for Disease Control, the flu shot propaganda of retail pharmacies and the quack science published in conventional medical journals, most people today falsely believe that flu shots are "70 to 90 percent effective." This is the official propaganda on the effectiveness of vaccines. A scientific study published in The Lancet reveals that influenza vaccines only prevent influenza in 1.5 out of 100 adults. Yet, predictably, this report is being touted by the quack science community, the vaccine-pushing CDC and the scientifically-inept mainstream media as proof that "flu vaccines are 60 percent effective." Vaccines are so effective at halting disease that they confer total immunity, say vaccine advocates. "Take a flu shot and you won't get the flu!" But flu shots and MMR vaccines are so safe and effective that everybody should be forced to take them, they insist. And why? Because they claim all those un-vaccinated people will spread disease to the vaccinated people. But the vaccinated are supposed to be immune. So where does the media get "60 percent effective"? This is called "massaging the numbers," and it's an old statistical trick that the vaccine industry (and the pharmaceutical industry) uses over and over again to trick people into thinking their useless drugs actually work. In reality - and this is spelled out right in the study itself - only about 2.7 in 100 adults get the flu in the first place. So when the media (or your doctor, or pharmacist, or CDC official) says these vaccines are 60 percent effective, what they really mean is that you would have to inject 100 adults to avoid the flu in just 1.5 of them. Or, put another way, flu vaccines do nothing in 98.5 percent of adults. The Downey Patriot and Downey medical community are doing the citizens of Downey a disservice by promoting the flu vaccine lie, the latter for profit at the expense of the public. -- Bill Spetnagel, Downey

********** Published: January 19, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 40