Football game refereeing

Dear Editor: Just wanted the paper to know the catch by Stacy Chuckwumezie that was ruled not a catch was not the only blunder the referees made during the night.

In the second quarter when Crescenta Valley was making a march to their second touchdown, an obvious call was missed. Crescenta was facing a third down play after it was given a delay of game penalty. They subsequently called a time out to set up an illegal play which the line judge missed.

If you watched Fox Sports West’s Prep Zone coverage, you’ll notice a tackle, No. 72, catch a screen pass in the left flat near the sideline, rumbling for a key first down. The problem was that he was an ineligible receiver on the play. The video clearly showed the tight end, No. 1, was to his immediate left on the line of scrimmage, making No. 72 ineligible. Even with the line judge next to the eligible player, he missed the call.

The CIF professes to principles, code of ethics, and constitution bylaws and rulings. Stressing values derived from playing games fairly was oblivious to the Crescenta’s coaching staff.

CIF also stresses to coaches and players to maintain self control and demonstrate respect for game and its rules. Crescenta had to revert to an illegal play to accomplish their goal of winning a championship.

How sad is that when its the coaches’ duty to promote physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing for the future careers of its student-athletes.

Pierre Gutierrez




Published: Dec. 11, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 35