For seniors, last week of high school is memorable

DOWNEY - In the last week at school, seniors at Downey High School have the opportunity to attend various events and make their last few days memorable.After they throw their hats up in the air and the graduation ceremony ends, many Downey seniors will head straight to "Grad Nite" at the Disneyland Resort where they spend the night from sun down to sunrise going on the theme park's various attractions. Rides open include Space Mountain, Indiana Jones' Adventure, and Splash Mountain among many others. Stations where students can dance will also be available. Many schools from the Southern California region will also attend this sure to be crowded event. In the three days before Grad Nite though, the school is also hosting other events. In these three days dedicated to finals, many seniors have the option to not take finals and just stay home or hang out with friends. On June 16, students were able to go to the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park during normal park hours, although they must provide their own transportation. The school was set to host a graduation breakfast at 8 a.m. on June 17, the morning of graduation before rehearsals begin. In addition to events hosted by the school, some seniors have decided to say their last good-byes by hosting their own events. Many are going to other local theme parks, and some are going to the beach. Invites on Facebook to a Downey and Warren High School bonfire at Huntington have been circulating for a few weeks now to anyone who wants to attend, and some people have decided to do activities with a smaller circle of friends such as senior Zully Guerra. Guerra says that she and her friends are playing sports at the park and getting some sun. "We planned to go to the park to play tennis and football to have fun while at the same time, having a little workout," said Guerra. "We also have made it a priority to go to the beach together and hang out by the pool." Even though they have three months of summer fun ahead of them, most seniors can agree that they want to end high school with a bang with the people they have spent four years with.

********** Published: June 17, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 9