Freedom of speech

Dear Editor:I have lived in California for my entire 55 years. My political beliefs are conservative and recently I put a Mitt Romney bumper sticker on my vehicle. Now to be sure I know the majority of citizens in this state vote progressive and our state's legislature affirms this. I have political conversations with others who disagree with my beliefs and I don't really have a problem with it. I do get offended when I constantly hear that the Republican party spews racism, hatred and the like. However, I also hear the hatred they feel when describing all these unsupported issues. Well, last week I parked in a large parking structure that was occupied by maybe 10 vehicles (capacity was probably 200) and was gone for two hours. When I returned I found a soiled diaper next to the driver's side door. Maybe just a coincidence? I didn't give too much thought to connecting the diaper to the bumper sticker, but it did cross my mind. Well now someone took the Romney sticker off my vehicle. This, to me, is something that I find absolutely disgusting! Who could be so unpatriotic and bold to actually do something like this? Someone must really, really hate Romney for the Republicans. I liken it to someone defacing or removing a political lawn sign. Our country was born and has been built by freedom. Now I know that this is a small incident and some might think I'm being trivial...that's their right. We must maintain a proud and positive decorum when dealing with all the issues our great country faces right now. I just needed to vent...and by the way, I'm replacing the one sticker with two and one will be displayed from the inside. I hope I don't find a broken window some day soon when I go to get in my vehicle. Paul Granata Downey

********** Published: September 13, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 22