Frustration with pedestrians

Dear Editor: The letter from Alexa Davis speaks about the pedestrians that follow rules, wait for signals, cross where they are supposed to cross, etc. This is great and would be nice if everybody follows, but unfortunately when you are driving very often you get surprised by people that appear suddenly from between cars, or just get on the street without looking.

Many times they just get down on the curb looking at their telephones, using earphones, walking slowly and totally distracted. Most of the time they are young people that think they are immune or exempt of rules and signals. They get on the street with total indifference and ignoring lights or signals completely.

If a driver hits one of these people, he or she will be in trouble for the rest of his or her life. That is not fair.

Let’s all be careful: drivers, respect rules and signals. Pedestrians, please follow the rules too. Watch where you are walking, cross only when and where you are supposed to, look at the lights, wait to look at your telephone until you are safely on the sidewalk. When you cross, do it swiftly, we all have things to do. Don’t look at the drivers with scorn and laugh.

Let’s all be civilized.

Margo Baird




Published: May 21, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 06