Future Leaders of Downey



Last Friday, Jan. 30, Ladies Leadership hosted their inaugural “Future Leaders of Downey” conference at Stay Gallery in Downtown Downey. The event was hosted by the executive board: Maryam Zargar, Alejandra Lopez, Talia Cabrera, and co-founders Sofia Ramos and Crystal Letona. The Future Leaders of Downey consisted of a panel made up of inspirational speakers: Dan Schnur, candidate for California Secretary of State; Andrenna Hidalgo, former Staff Director at the Unruh Institute of Politics; Maya Paley, activist and Program Director of the National Council of Jewish Women/LA; Kaya Masler, former Director of the Women’s Assembly; and Downey’s own Cristina Garcia, Assemblywoman of the 58th District. Additionally, Mrs. Stewart, teacher at Warren, and Genesis Gil, current junior at Warren, gave inspirational speeches at the event.

Ladies Leadership was founded by Warren High School seniors Sofia and Crystal after attending the Running Start conference in 2013. Running Start was created because young women remain only a tiny fraction of the elected officials and candidates for public office in the United States. The club’s mission is to engage young women into the world of politics through leadership and volunteering in the community.

Lady Leaders have participated in Wendy Greuel’s political campaign for LA Mayor, human trafficking awareness campaigns, beach clean ups, and have donated beauty kits to women and children living in shelters. The club has grown tremendously, from its original eight members to over 100 participants.

Overall, the first “Future Leaders of Downey” was a success and hopes that their hard work will continue to inspire young women in this community about the importance of politics in their lives, and gives them the encouragement and skills to pursue a career in political leadership.



Published: Feb. 5, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 43