Ernesto Flores

November 16, 1962 - February 21, 2016

ERNESTO FLORES entered this world November 16, 1962 and left it February 21, 2016. He died only after fighting a courageous battle with a crippling disease that ravaged a beautiful, intelligent and sensitive mind. Despite his condition, he never forgot the names (or endearing nicknames) of those who were near and dear to his heart, particularly, his wife (La Cubanita), three sons, parents, sisters, and his close friends. His exceptional ability to make those around him laugh with his clever sense of humor always shined through.

Ernie is survived by his wife of 27 years Yadira; sons, Ernest Michael, Kevin Anthony and James Patrick; grandson Revan Marek; mother and father, Rosa and Octavio Flores; sisters, Edith (Galdenio) Noda and Hedy (Gilbert) Livas. Ernie was a fun-loving, caring and iconic uncle to Galdenio Jr., Antonio, Tatiana, Markus, Ellesse, Justin, Anissa and Gabriel.

Though held in sorrow, we know that through Ernie, we have been given more than we could ever lose.