Gift of life

Dear Editor:Valentine's Day is a day to remind those you love how special they are. When your loved one has passed away there is the pain of not being able to tell them, "I love you." Since my son passed away in 2007 this holiday has never been the same for me. When I think of Chris, I also think of a different kind of love: a love that made donation possible. Chris registered as a donor three years prior to his motorcycle accident. After his passing, he was able to help as many as 50 people get a second chance at life. I'm extremely proud of Chris for the amazing legacy he left behind; a legacy of love that continues to give life to others even after his passing. Each of us has an opportunity to give of ourselves in a way that can save and enhance the lives of others. All across our country families like ours take this opportunity and, in a time of great loss, give the generous gift of life to complete strangers. This Valentine's Day, as you show your loved ones you care, please consider extending your love to others. Register online at or check "Yes" to donation at your local DMV. Your "gift of life" will be a lasting legacy of generosity and love. -- Judi Woodford, Downey

********** Published: February 9, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 43