Global warming myth

Dear Editor:After reading "Children: Our Greatest Green Legacy" by Jeff Feldman, I shook my head in disbelief. (The Downey Patriot, 2/21/13). Mr. Feldman and his wife were concerned about the "egregious impact" the birth of their child might have on the environment. Horror of horrors! I have some suggestions that might alleviate his conscience. When I was a child my mother put a huge metal tub on all four burners of the stove, filled it with water and cut up a bar of ivory soap and did her laundry. Then she hung it out on something called a "clothesline." There they were dried by wind and solar energy. Perhaps Mr. Feldman shouldn't buy the disposable diapers, which cause landfills to fill up so fast. Just get the soft cotton washable ones and launder them. They smell so fresh when you take them off the clothesline. Think of the gas and electricity you will save. Be sure to live close to your doctor, then you won't pollute when taking the baby for a checkup. Maybe we in the U.S. shouldn't have babies. It must please Mr. Feldman that 55 million have been aborted. I hope the mothers don't live far from the abortion clinics, so as not to pollute with gasoline. Perhaps the Feldmans should move to China where he says the long term environmental impact of each U.S. baby will cause 25 times that of one in China. Hang in there, sir; China may soon own the U.S. Have you ever seen photos of the air pollution in Beijing? They are wearing masks so as to breathe. Are you aware of all the payback money that has been put into "green" projects which we, the taxpayers, paid for with Chinese-borrowed money, that are now bankrupt and China is buying them for our technology? What I wish Mr. Feldman and Lars Clutterham would address is that the people who are pushing this "global warming" at the highest levels are those who are making the most money and polluting much more than the citizens are. Al Gore made mega bucks off this and flies - and maybe still is - the plane that burned the most fuel of any other. Other than airline pilots, who has burned more fuel than Air Force One? President Obama has almost lived in it campaigning and is still campaigning. Did he really need to fly to Nevada to give a speech? Could it not have been televised from D.C.? Now he is flying to 30 states to push his spending (overspending) programs. The Air Force One expenses come out of our defense budget. Of course, we could go back to the horse and buggy days, but then we would have to hire more government employees to clean the streets and freeways. For the inauguration, one runway closed down in D.C. for corporate airplanes to land. Some in Congress have their own aircraft. Please address why these people are allowed to pollute without comment. One last statement: I remember when, over 20 years ago, Time magazine had on its cover that the world would have famine because the earth was cooling and there would not be enough sun to grow food. These were scientists. Please, Downey Patriot, print some articles of scientists who do not believe in global warming. There are many. Let's hear both sides. One question: please explain how tropical animals have been found frozen in ice glaciers. What fossil fuel caused that climate change? I'm more concerned about the moral decline that is polluting the U.S. than I am of global warming. If we all turned to God, He can take care of both these concerns. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: March 7, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 47