Global warming rhetoric

Dear Editor:Yes, indeed, Mr. Scherer, no good crisis should go to waste. The level of fear mongering on behalf of the environmental lobby knows no restraint. ("California is Leader in Global Warming Planning," 9/4/09) I am so tired of global warming hysterics who veil their desire to control every aspect of our energy consumption behind their concern for our future well-being. California may be a leader in global warming planning, but our state will find that their good deeds do not go unpunished when masses of people and businesses , fed up with all the massive tax hikes, leave the state. Perhaps that's their true goal. We all know that people are ultimately the plague that should be reduced in the eyes of environmentalists. Perhaps that's why an activist judge ordered the water flow to California's Central Valley to cease because of the potential danger to a small little fish called the Delta Smelt. The farmers in that area are suffering tremendously, and I believe the rate of unemployment hovers around 40 percent. All because of a little fish. We can all expect that kind of misery should we allow global warming hysterics to push forward with their green house gas reducing legislation that will do nothing to reduce global temperatures, as Mr. Sherer even admits in his own article. Keep the environment clean? Great. Plan for future droughts and fires? Excellent. Punish people for driving their cars and exhaling carbon dioxide? Insanity. - Alaina Niemann, Downey

********** Published: September 11, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 21