Golf's attributes

Dear Editor:An editorial was published in your paper about golf not being a sport. ("My Non-sport is a 4-Letter Word," 8/21/09). I don't know where that person got his information but he is way off-base. I have been involved in golf since I was 14, both competitively and recreationally. It takes three things to be a good golfer and that is athleticism, balance and hand-eye coordination. Apparently the writer does not understand that in any sport those three items must be in a person to be good. At present I play golf regularly with two ex-Major League Baseball players and they are around 50 years of age. They were excellent as baseball players and they have all three attributes mentioned above. They still have trouble on occasion hitting the golf ball where they want it to go. As for myself, during my lifetime, I managed to get my handicap down to a 2. I think that the gentleman who wrote that editorial needs to rethink his thoughts on golf. Also, I doubt he could hit the ball off the tee. In addition, the fellow who wrote about cheerleading not being a sport was off-base also. ("Top 3 Non-sports Ever," 8/21/09) I know what my granddaughter had to go through to be a cheerleader at Warren High School. She worked very hard and diligently paid her dues. Those girls are in a sport. Get off your high horse. - Robert Buckley, Secretary, Rio Hondo Men's Golf Club

Dear Editor: I wonder if Eric Pierce has ever taken the time to actually play a round (or 18) of golf. The sport is extremely athletic -- there's a reason only a few talented golfers excel in the sport. Sure, golf has its goofballs (in our case John Daley), but doesn't every sport? If you have noticed the physique of Tiger Woods lately, you will notice he appears to have stepped out of Muscle & Fitness magazine. - Larry Taylor, Downey

********** Published: August 28, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 19