Government greed

Dear Editor:Is there a Moses to lead the U.S. out of the sea of red ink? If not, I fear the U.S. is doomed! Our "leadership" is sick. Our Congress just raised the debt ceiling another $2.3 trillion. Do I think it's stupidity? No. It's greed, self-serving and a Socialistic (Progressive) agenda that is killing America. To use President Obama's descriptive phrase, they're "acting stupidly." What frightens me is that I'm afraid it's not an act. When I called Sen. Feinstein's office to complain about Queen Pelosi spending $2 million on air travel and $100,000 on food for her junkets, I guess I was supposed to be soothed by the aide's reply: "Oh, that came out of the Defense budget." There was silence when I asked who paid for the Defense budget and what did her excessive abuse of travel have to do with the defense of the U.S. Then Obama and Eric Holder decided to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to try the Gitmo prisoners in New York. After much objection, I think they have seen the light. Obama now wants to bring nine attorneys who defended Gitmo prisoners to D.C. and put them in the U.S. Justice Department. One has to wonder which side the president is on. Why does this administration want to put us in so much debt? Is it to take us down to a third world country so we can be put under UN control? That is where this obscene debt is taking us. It's not only the debt that makes me angry. It's the blatant lies and deceit we're supposed to accept. Can any nation be built on leadership that has no honor, truth or honesty? Almost daily we hear that another elected official has resigned or won't run again because of infidelity in their marriage or hasn't paid taxes or has been accused of some kind of sexual harassment. Are we indeed building on sand? - Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: March 19, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 48