Government healthcare

Dear Editor:Before people call some of us "Obama haters," (Letters to the Editor, 10-30-09) consider forthcoming doctor problems: The cost of health care is determined by the frequency people see their doctors, thus giving 30 million residents health insurance will cost trillions and will require 30,000 "new" doctors, if each takes 1,000 cases. Where will we get them? It will flood ERs and offices, require long waits, limit time with each patient, reduce hospital calls and discourage anyone from becoming a doctor. My doctor is one of many who will retire due to less income, greater pressure and longer hours. Medicare will cut payments to doctors, increase his taxes, but will increase our Medicare payments, which doesn't make sense. Less income from MRIs, CT scans and other tests to detect dangerous illnesses, and less time to analyze them, will increase the number of deaths, as Canada has experienced. 30 million new insured residents will necessitate rationing which will limit costly coverage for the elderly and infants and cut hospital time that puts a burden on family and skipping needed prescriptions. It will adversely affect millions of baby boomers who have paid into insurance for years and will prosper those who haven't. Decisions for Medicare payments will be strongly controlled by inept politicians who know a little or nothing about illnesses, diseases or doctor problems. Is socialism, where government controls everything including your savings accounts, what we want? - James Hawkins, Downey

********** Published: November 6, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 29