Grade draws no surprise

Dear Editor:The article by Erick Pierce stating Downey earned an "F" in preservation came as no surprise to me or any other longstanding property owner in Downey. ("Downey Earns 'F' in Preservation," 12/26/08) Since the mid-80's our once great city has ignored the building codes, thus creating the boom of McMansions. The houses are built very cheap, all looking the same: about two feet wide by 40 feet high. Several have been linked to drug runners. The city has blown off the homeowners that continue to complain about this and have done so for close to 20 years. Just take a drive through the once beautiful area known as the Orange Estates. You cannot drive up any block now without seeing one or more of these ugly, out-of-character neighborhood monstrosities. We the citizens need to fight as hard and as long as we can to make our city representatives hear us and place a historical mark on neighborhood districts such as the Orange Estates. This homeowner and over 50-year resident who remembers when the dairy was still here is not surprised one bit about the grade. I could go on about the glory days of the 60's when Downey had no gangs or graffiti, but that will be another letter. - Steve Voigt, Downey ********** Published: January 2, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 37