Gray areas

Dear Editor: Kudos to Ms. Schuerman for so clearly articulating a side of the pro-choice/pro-life argument that the right-to-lifers never address. Unfortunately, they never will, as they live in a world that is vastly different from the world in which most of us live.

The right-to-lifers, or anyone else who only sees the solution to a problem as being strictly right or wrong, are living in a world that is black and white, whereas most of us live in a world that consists of many gray areas. It is in these gray areas where choices need to be made based on case-by-case judgment or accountability, as one size fits all.

Never mind that this one-size wisdom has proven over and over again to be ineffective and unjust. It's so much easier to picket a clinic, intimidating people with taunts and signs, than to consider all sides of the issue and actively participate in a positive solution. That is why Ms. Schuerman never reads letters that discuss "what happens to those babies who are born but are not wanted." Nor does it take much effort or thought to condemn those who, after much agonizing thought and weighing of circumstances, make a choice. Those people are simply evil, whereas those who bear unwanted babies are righteous.

Since there are no gray areas to consider, the future of the life that is allowed is of no concern to the right-to-lifers. Once a baby takes its firsts breath, all is well in their world, good has triumphed over evil. End of story. Sadly, it is only the beginning of the story.

For those of us who live in the world of gray areas, it is up to us to figure out how that life will be maintained in the years ahead. And, more often than not, the person living that life is doomed to an existence most right-to-lifers could never imagine living. Carol Nader Downey

Dear Editor: I would like to respond to the letter titled "Where Would the Babies Go?"

Why do people look the other way when these babies are removed from their mother's womb? Why do people think it is OK for a woman to go into an office pregnant and come out no longer pregnant, without thinking about what it takes to terminate that pregnancy? Do people realize that the precious human life is, in most cases, dismembered and then ground up in a super-powered garbage disposal? And so many are not outraged.

Our society wants to save the trees, the environment, animals, all good. But these babies are being slaughtered.

There are resources to give to these birthmothers in crisis, but most of the time they won't take the materials we have to offer, giving them options for life for their babies. There are many qualified couples out there who are ready to adopt and find themselves on waiting lists. There are outreaches that help with parenting skills and extend other resources. The Right to Life League, to name one, puts out a referral list to help in the crisis with whatever the needs the birthmother might have. These girls and women just want the "problem" to go away. The abortion mills don't give them other options because it's big bucks for them. They don't tell them that their own life is at risk and mentally and emotionally they will be scarred.

Again, there are referrals for help beyond the abortionist's doors. Many don't want to look at the other options, and the "easy and fastest" route for the "problem" is choosing death for the child. Birthmothers I have worked with who have chosen adoption are truly heroes. They realized it wasn't the baby's fault they came to be. So many birthmothers have sacrificed nine months and gave those precious gifts to families praying for a child. Instead of sacrificing their babies, they denied themselves and put their child first.

House of Ruth, right here in Downey, is over 30 years old. We have resources and referrals to help. Billie Jo Huish Crisis Pregnancy Counselor House of Ruth Ministries

********** Published: October 4, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 25