Greek play was enjoyable

Dear Editor:I enjoyed Henry Veneracion's comprehensive review of "The Trojan Women," but I must differ with him in his conclusion, "to fully enjoy it, one must know at least passable Greek." ("Euripides' Troades Caters to Greek," 11/20/09) I do not speak Greek, ancient or modern, but I have read the play in English in several translations and I had a wonderful time listening to the lamentations of this great anti-war drama. Their words and the music (think "Zorba the Greek") accompanying the actors melded together like instruments in a symphony. Unlike opera, where the words don't matter when the arias are sung, these words do matter and they were displayed in English in all their lyric glory above the arch of the stage. I sat in the balcony where I could appreciate the patterns made by the three women of the chorus as they moved and lifted their drapery-clad arms like wings, fluttering like moths, or like shrouds as they undulated in woe on the stage floor. This is one of the simplest of the classic plays to understand, women mourning their loser's fate, and warning that the victors will suffer too. The deep music of the voices, especially Hecuba's, combined with melodic sound and movement told their universal tale eloquently. And the best news is that an out-of-town organization like the American Hellenic Society found that our Downey Theatre was a convenient and attractive venue for their production. Maybe the Greek patrons who came for this performance will come back again for our Civic Light Opera and Downey Symphony. It was great to have this event right here in Downey. - Lorine Parks, Downey

********** Published: November 27, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 32