Growing buzz

I'm not a big classical music guy. I cringe to admit it. The music is absolutely beautiful and I can certainly appreciate and respect the talent, especially that of the Downey Symphony, but an entire night of classical composures? Truth be told, I'd rather be doing...something else.Which is why the four performances announced by VenueTech on Monday (VenueTech is the management firm that operates the Downey Theatre) is exciting news for its sheer variety. Downey residents should have no trouble finding a show that sparks their interest, and as VenueTech officials said, more shows are still to come. The preliminary list of performers includes the band America (their latest album features renditions from Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Brian Wilson and Fountains of Wayne); Big Bad Voody Daddy, an internationally recognized swing band that performed during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII; Los Lobos' David Hidalgo and Louie Perez, self-described "Latin playboys"; and "Defending the Caveman," a "hilarious show" (that's how the Chicago Tribune put it) poking fun at gender differences currently enjoying a residency at Harrah's in Las Vegas. With just four programs, VenueTech was able to assemble a concert schedule that should appeal to consumers of varying tastes in music and stage productions. Diversity is key here. Just as important, VenueTech purposely worked around the schedules of the Downey Civic Light Opera, Downey Symphony and Downey Unified School District, the three main theater tenants. We can't take them for granted, either. In the coming months we'll learn more about VenueTech's plans for the Downey Theatre, but they're off to a positive start so far. Now it's up to residents to buy tickets and enjoy a good show. Oh, and tell your friends.

********** Published: August 18, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 18