Ha-Ha Cafe serving up laughs

NORTH HOLLYWOOD - When having reached the glamorous age of 18, the list of to-do's can go on for a stretch; one thing that's a must, however, is to attend a comedy club-a possible one being The Ha-Ha Café.Open and starring comedians from 9 p.m. Monday to Sunday, sometimes lasting up until nearly midnight, The Ha-Ha Café is located in what is referred to as "No Ho", commonly known to the world as the relatively more normal term of North Hollywood. Though a smaller comedy club than others, The Ha-Ha Café offers a more personal experience between comedians and the audience-so close is this experience that guests are oftentimes brought into the joke and made fun of. However, most guests are there for a reason (ie. they have a funny bone and are willing to play along for a laugh). Perhaps an advantage of this location is that the audience is sometimes surprised with sudden visits from comedians with a little bit, or a lot, of fame attached to their name. Such an event occurred Sept. 5 when one of the famous Wayan brothers, Damon, showed up and performed an act that lasted significantly longer than all the other comedians. Other than surprise visits from famous comedians, this comedy club offers such a variety of performers that if one does not appeal to a guest's sense of humor, another one most likely will. Nearly everyone in the audience ends the night with a laugh. The Ha-Ha Comedy Club also keeps its guests entertained in other ways. One way is through its bar for those who are of the legal age to make use of it and another being through its food, which is offered with great service to all guests while the show is going on. Though it may be hard to imagine, one can laugh and eat all at once at this club. Though not displaying extravagant tastes, this comedy club consists of what one should: a stage with a spotlight and chairs and tables for all. So as to help support the club and allow for it to continue staying in business successfully, each guest is met with the same rule: a two-drink minimum. For all the fun this Hollywood spot offers, however, that is more than worth it. With prices varying between $10-$20, the variance depending on the night, those over the age of 18 can enjoy a fun night at The Ha-Ha Café filled with food, drinks and a whole lot of laughter.

********** Published: September 16, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 22