Hansen memories

Dear Editor:I would like to express appreciation for the article written by Christian Brown regarding, Ed, Harrie and Otto Hansen. All of us who represent subsequent generations of the Hansen family treasure the memories of growing up in the idyllic town of Downey. Stories abound that recall the adventures and opportunities experienced in our lives as we look back to earlier times. I recently attended the 60th reunion of our class at Downey Union High School. I was impressed by the number of families who still live in or near Downey. It was a most rewarding time spent with "old" friends! Christian Brown was so very thoughtful in gathering information for the article. His writing captured the spirit of the three Hansen brothers. Your article is very much appreciated by several generations of our family. Thank you. - Bill Hansen, Pasadena

********** Published: February 12, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 43