Hateful ads

Dear Editor:This election season we have been bombarded by political ads in all media that have been filled with hateful diatribes railing against (not to mention outright lying about) the candidates' opponents. These ads tell us nothing about the candidates; they only berate the opponent, leaving us to wonder what said candidates' platforms really are. In discussing this awful trend with others, whether in person or via social networking, I found absolutely no one, regardless of political affiliation, who wasn't sick of all the dirt being slung and who literally could not wait for the election to be over and done with. The right to democratically elect our representatives is one of the greatest and most valuable freedoms that we have in this country. Now is a time when we can teach our children the values of their parents as well as those of the United States. The example being shown by incumbents and their rivals is that it's OK to be hateful, tell lies and half-truths, and to hide one's true intentions. Remember when you were told, "If you cannot say anything nice about someone, then say nothing at all? This is something our politicians have sadly forgotten in their all-or-nothing desperation to get elected. As adults, we have an obligation to show our children (and the world) that the United States of America is the best place to live and that we responsibly elect our leaders. As voters, we need to stop listening to the spewing of hate and to demand of the candidates that they tell us WHAT they intend to do, and HOW they intend to do it. Simple questions that require simple, straightforward answers. It's time for both political parties to follow this practice, which, sadly, spans the entire political spectrum. Just say "NO" to hateful political ads! --Peggy Fisher, Downey

********** Published: November 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 29