Hats off to Arizona

Dear Editor:While many complain how Arizona passed its new immigration laws, it should also be pointed out they are the only ones that has had the guts to stand up to a problem that has been escalading in the last several years. Almost every politician talks about the problem but none have the guts to stand up and do something about it. Our founding fathers would be disgusted with the majority of those in office today. I don't agree that police officers should have the power to stop and question anyone about their citizenship status. That is the responsibility of the INS and why it was created. To date it appears that although INS tries, its system isn't working. If so many illegals enter this country every year, how long will it take for those from other countries with a plan of attacking Americans to arrive if many aren't here already? Having recently retired as a police officer, I can say with some authority that illegals do cost the citizens a considerable amount of money every year. Many drive with no insurance, drivers license and the registration has changed hands so many times it is almost impossible to determine who the legal owner is. Many arrested for DUI or other more serious crimes go south of the border. Officers handle calls for service and once they arrive, it is not unusual for the officer to request a Spanish speaking officer for translation. Now this call takes at least two officers out of service. How many governmental publications are published in English as well in many cases Spanish and other languages? There is a cost for this duplication of printing. Is it really that difficult to say English is the national language accepted for common use? If a person speaks more than one language, I give them credit for being smarter than I am in that category. I only speak English, am a proud American and a vet. There are many nagging questions that I would love to have an answer to. Where is it defined that an illegal alien is automatically presumed to be from South America? Although I would guess the majority are from South America, we also have illegals here from probably every country in this world. Yet when the term of illegal comes up, it usually focuses on South Americans. This country has a legal system in place to allow immigrants from other countries to enter this county legally and thousands do every year. What makes an illegal alien special by avoiding this process? Each one knew or should have known when they entered this country illegally they were taking a chance of being caught. Now suddenly they have rights. I agree they do have human rights but that is it. I've had relatives and friends enter this country legally and subsequently became citizens. Anyone that thinks the illegals standing at various constructing outlets, mowing yards, painting, house cleaning etc is reporting their income to the federal government every year would be a very na?Øve person. I am not prejudice against any race but if you want to play in our yard, you must obey the rules that govern the grounds and pay your fair share just like the rest of. It was just a few years ago that Downey was tearing down schools and selling the property and homes were built on this property. Now the schools have to expand. Are all these students from Downey? When my two kids went to school, we had to show a utility bill or some sort of documentation we lived here. Is this no longer applicable? Also, I have never figured out why we have buses taking kids to and from school. Most the schools in this town are centrally located in neighborhoods. Why do they need a ride to school on a bus? For field trips, games and etc, I do understand, but for everyday needs of going to and from school, why a bus? - David Abney, Downey

Dear Editor: I have a few words to share regarding the column "Arizona's Racist Law" (4/30/10). The ridiculous argument that securing our borders, and hence our nation, amounts to "hatred" and "racism" is a tactic used by people who are losing the debate and so they lash out like bullies on a playground. Honestly, the racism card is so 50 years ago! The Latino Policy Coalition claims that our economy "has thrived because of immigrant communities." Absolutely true. But the Arizona law was written to curtail illegal immigration, which does nothing but drain our public services, close down our hospitals and bankrupt states like the very one we all live in. Illegal immigration hurts everyone in this nation, including legal immigrants who jumped through all the bureaucratic hoops to become a U.S. citizen. Legal immigrants have been a blessing to this great nation. Illegal immigrants come here to escape the corruption and lack of opportunity in their home countries, which I completely understand, and I admire their courage. However, we are sinking under their weight. Arizonans are taking responsibility for their personal security and their property because the federal government, paralyzed by politically correct thinking, cannot or will not control the Arizona border. Finally someone has a spine. - Alaina Niemann, Downey

Dear Editor: Last Friday, a column titled "Reverend Calls for Calm Among Protests," when in reality Rev. Luis Cortes Jr., president of Esperanza, is doing the opposite. Cortes is lying and making people angry. He says "driving while Hispanic [in Arizona] is now a stoppable offense." It's the opposite. The legislation says a person can not be stopped for being a certain race. When a reverend lies, people lose trust in his leadership. Faith is based on truth. - El Bee, Downey

********** Published: May 7, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 3