Hold for-profit colleges accountable

Congresswoman Maxine Waters released a statement Monday on the decision by Corinthian Colleges to discontinue its operations after years of fraudulent activity and ongoing state and federal investigations. Her statement:

“Yesterday it was announced that Corinthian Colleges will close down its more than two dozen remaining schools, including the 13 schools in California. This announcement comes in the wake of state and federal investigations and enforcement actions, including a $30 million fine levied by the Department of Education earlier this month, concerning Corinthian’s widespread fraudulent practices. For years we have known about the harm these schools have placed on students, making this decision to close long overdue.

“It is unconscionable that under these circumstances, Corinthian schools were still allowed to enroll new students, receive taxpayer dollars and profit off the backs of the country’s most vulnerable student population under the false promise of a quality education.

“My hope now is that any student harmed by Corinthian Colleges receives complete forgiveness of their debt so they may have the opportunity to pursue their education at a school which will prepare them for a successful career. Further, it will be imperative that Corinthian Colleges and the Department of Education ensure that loan discharge and any other forms of relief are readily available and easily accessible for all students. I will continue to work with students, advocates and the Department of Education to ensure that available remedies are widely publicized and free of unnecessary administrative hurdles and inaccurate information so students do not suffer any additional burdens.

“Going forward, I will continue to fight to hold predatory for-profit colleges accountable to students and taxpayers. I hope that in the future we do not ever allow any other for-profit institution to engage in such widespread wrongdoing and that we act more swiftly and aggressively to curb federal funding for any institution abusing the rights of our students.”



Published: April 30, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 03