Horse abuse

Dear Editor: I am writing to let you know that I am quite upset at the way we treat horses in America. First and foremost, we must ban the use of horses as entertainment in horse races, horse-drawn carriages, parades, etc.

In the city of Downey, there was an incident in the 2014 Christmas parade where horses were brought in by Sunrise Realty and spectators witnessed the rider digging his spurs deeply into the horse’s flesh, leaving bloody gouge marks. The abuse continued every time the rider wanted the horse to perform a trick.

The picture of the horse was then published in the Downey Chamber of Commerce newsletter, clearly showing the bloody gouges on the horse’s side while the rider sits on the horse’s body.

This is not entertainment – this is animal abuse and I am ashamed that it is happening in my city.

Ban the use of horses as entertainment in the city of Downey.

Patty Jackson




Published: Jan. 15, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 40