How to Have the Perfect Date

DOWNEY - Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it seems that the excitement of spending the day with your significant other is clouded by the panic of having the perfect Valentine's date. These are a few simple guidelines that will set you in the right direction.A perfect Valentine's Day date is not an impossible thing to achieve. First and foremost, if you expect him to pick you up in a Rolls Royce, take you to a five-star restaurant, follow it up with expensive tickets to the theater, and conclude it with a moonlight stroll through the park with a romantic kiss and a diamond ring, I suggest you abandon those expectations as soon as possible or keep dreaming. Setting yourself up for disappointment is a quick way to ensure a lousy time. Instead of the five-star restaurant, be happy with an average, everyday café. Rather than expect a Royce, tickets, or diamond ring, take pleasure in being in his company and his efforts for trying to impress you and show you a good time. As a rule of thumb the setting in which the date is to take place should be decided and agreed on by both parties. Location obviously determines the possible activities for the date. Talk it over with him and communicate. In addition, this guarantees that the two of you will enjoy yourselves and lays out the foundation for your perfect evening. Once the location of the date has been determined, how one should carry oneself and dress should come naturally. If he is taking you out to some uptown, high-class place along the beach, it would be prudent to dress more formally and elegantly. If the two of you are going to a local café to hear some local artists perform, it would be ok to dress a bit more casual. Wherever the date may be, be sure to make the most of the Valentine's Day experience. Try adding little details here and there to make your date just a little bit more romantic and having small little gifts to exchange is a perfect way to end the night. ********** Published: February 6, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 42