Illegal fireworks

Dear Editor:In the 35 years I have lived in Downey, last night had to be the worst night for the use of illegal fireworks I have ever heard or saw. Around our home it sounded like a small scale war had been declared in this area. Every direction you looked you could see fireworks exploding in the sky. Many must have had M80's or bigger. The explosions were extremely loud. I am not being a prude and I also enjoy fun, but last night was just plain insane and it went on until about 11 p.m. It is a shame so many have so little respect for this city and their neighbors to engage to this extend in this activity. Is the city changing in values or just the people in it? David Abney Downey

Dear Editor: As it is every year, fireworks have been going off for a few days now, even though we are still two days away from the 4th of July holiday. I wish there were a way to enforce the law and shut these people down. I do not call the Downey police because I think they are just too busy. Along with our city's firemen, the 4th of July must be a very busy time for them. It has gotten to the point where I wish fireworks were outlawed in the city. As usual a few morons ruin what should be a good thing for others. John Zander Downey

********** Published: July 05, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 12