Illegal fireworks found in Norwalk storage locker

NORWALK - More than 8,000 pounds of commercial-grade illegal fireworks were confiscated from a public storage locker in Norwalk on Tuesday.Detectives from the Norwalk Sheriff's Station were acting on a tip that a person was storing illegal fireworks at a storage facility on the 10900 block of Firestone Boulevard. After the on-site manager confirmed that the suspect was renting a 20-ft. by 10-ft. storage unit, detectives called K-9 units trained to sniff out explosives. During a search, the K-9 alerted his handler to the suspected storage locker, authorities said. "Becuase it was believed this storage locker contained explosives which presented an immediate threat to the community, entry was made into the storage locker in order to safeguard its contents," said Lt. Dana Chemnitzer of the Norwalk Sheriff's Station. Inside, detectives found 91 cases of illegal fireworks containing mortars, bottle rockets, roman candles and other commercial-grade fireworks. The fireworks weighed more than 8,000 pounds and had an estimated street value of $20,000. The Los Angeles County Fire Department took possession of the fireworks for proper disposal. The suspect - the registered owner of the public storage unit - was not immediately arrested although a criminal case against him will be submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's ofice, authorities said.

********** Published: June 28, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 11