Illegal immigration

Dear Editor: America’s No. 1 liar, emperor and dictator has spoken up for the law-breaker: illegal aliens who are breaking our Constitution and changing our country for the worse, eventually conquering America, the greatest country in this world today.

All for the benefit to his legacy and power to party, not for the good of the country. President Obama has done more damage to this country than all previous presidents combined. Our Constitution has worked very well for over 200 years as the foundation for our freedoms, strength, loyalty and everything else. His oath of office means nothing to him, as he thinks he is better than it is.

Illegal alien trespassers have broken our constitutional legal process and being rewarded for it by changing our laws to illegal alien wants and powers. We don’t need a compromise on immigration reform, just enforce the laws that have worked for over 200 years and made America great. It worked very well for all of those legal immigrants who made America great. Obama isn’t smarter than previous presidents, only more arrogant with his abuse of power.

Would our country allow 12-20 million Jihadists, ISIS, or Hamas to illegally cross our borders as Mexicans have done? I don’t think our American founders ever envisioned that just being born on American soil entitled them to automatic citizenship. But allowing those who have stood in line, waited their turn, obeyed the laws, studied our Constitution, learn our spoken English language to become what made America great, and Obama’s tearing down.

Why not let 12-20 million Europeans who are well educated and skilled into this country to even up the field, to solve problems, not create problems like illegals do? Before our country falls even further into demise.

Joe Cvetko




Published: Nov. 27, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 33