Images of Jesus displayed

LONG BEACH - Gregorio Luke, former director of the Museum of Latin American Art, will present a multimedia presentation on the life of Jesus in art on Dec. 18 at the Long Beach Playhouse.Every aspect of Jesus' life as painted by the world's greatest artists will be projected chronologically. "During years I have been collecting images of Jesus' life I have seen thousands of paintings and drawings in museums and libraries and identified those that move me the most," Luke said. "I have looked for the best nativity scene or the most dramatic painting of the Massacre of the Innocents or the Flight to Egypt. I have searched for illustrations of the parables and the miracles. "Obviously, the selection is subjective and reflects my own personal taste," Luke continued. "There are more Grecos and Rembrandts than any other artist but I'm satisfied with the results; the cumulative effect of seeing one masterpiece after another is stunning, an extraordinary experience." For more information, go to or call (562) 494-1014.

********** Published: December 8, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 34