Immigration laws

Dear Editor:This is an open letter to Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard. Can you please explain to your constituents how it is that you believe it is OK for ICE to release 3,000-plus illegal aliens? You stated that these detainees do not pose a threat or danger to society. How is it that 1.) they broke the law by coming to the USA illegally or staying beyond the approved time 2.) they have three or more misdemeanor offenses 3.) no sheriffs, police chiefs or local mayors were advised prior to their release? Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano says they will be "monitored" but how is this being done? No one knows for certain who the illegals are, and more importantly, where they are. I believe that you or any other representative or senator who advocates this policy should be recalled. I hope the editor of The Downey Patriot might pursue an interview with Ms. Roybal-Allard to pressure her for more information on this serious matter. Maggie Allen Downey

Dear Editor: I was thrilled to see the article in last week's Patriot announcing the workshop sponsored by Rep. Linda Sanchez for legal immigrants pursuing citizenship ("Citizen Workshop Planned in Norwalk," 3/7/13). Why? Because like most law-abiding citizens who quietly go about their lives, I think those who have immigrated here legally are too often forgotten. While there seems to be nearly constant chatter in the media about illegal immigrants and finding a pathway to citizenship for them, barely a word is ever published about the legal immigrants who are just as smart and hardworking, and in my opinion, much more deserving of citizenship because they have earned it lawfully. The article also reminded me of a young woman I used to know. In chatting before and after an exercise class we both attended, I learned she was an immigrant to the U.S. One day, she missed class. At our next class, she mentioned that she was absent because she was attending her swearing-in ceremony for U.S. citizenship. When I congratulated her on becoming a U.S. citizen, she was nearly stunned. She thanked me sincerely, explaining that almost nobody seemed to give it much thought or offered any sort of congratulations when they heard of her accomplishment. I thought this was truly sad. I would encourage the Patriot to re-run the article or otherwise publicize the particulars about the upcoming workshop on Saturday, March 23. Certainly there are some legal immigrants in and around Downey who would be interested in attending. Let's give them a hand by giving them the information they need to make their pathway to citizenship a little easier. Judy Wyhowanec Downey

********** Published: March 14, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 48