In Fear and Faith

Fans across the country were waiting for In Fear and Faith, an experimental post-hard core band from Oceanside, Calif., to come to their city during their recent tour with A Skylit Drive. The tour began in April and ended on May 16 in Orangevale, Calif.The tour has hit major cities across the country including Dallas, Tampa, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Chicago, Denver and Seattle. "Waking up in a new state every day (is the best part of being on tour,)" said vocalist Scott Barnes, a Downey native. "It's relaxing yet stressful, but it's nice since it keeps us busy." In Fear and Faith are promoting their first full-length CD, Your World on Fire. They recorded it in August. Your World on Fire has sold more than 12,000 copies since January and has proven itself to be quite a successful album. It can be purchased at Hot Topic, Best Buy, FYE and Itunes stores. Before Your World on Fire, In Fear and Faith self-produced their EP Voyage. They sold it themselves and there was a large fan-base for it. Vocalists Scott Barnes and Cody Andersen, bassist Tyler McElhany, guitarists Ramin Niroomand and Noah Slifca and drummer Mehdi Niroomand make up In Fear and Faith. The Niroomand brothers and McElhany started the band back in 2006. Barnes and Andersen joined later and the band has seen great success ever since. "It was definitely a big surprise," said Barnes about catapulting into the lifestyle of a musician. "I was at UCI, going to school, doing the normal thing." However, the In Fear and Faith's success came as no surprise to Barnes. "We were expecting this to happen," he said. "If we weren't than there is no point in even doing this." In Fear and Faith is not going to take a break after their current tour is over. They went on tour with Sky Eats Airplane on May 21. During this tour they will perform in Anaheim in June, their closest venue to Downey. More information on In Fear and Faith, such as tour dates, merchandise and music, can be found at

********** Published: June 5, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 7