In praise of Student Life

Dear Editor:I've been living in Downey for 37 years now, and always wondered what the kids are up to these days. After I graduated from Warren High School once upon a time, I got detached from the good old days of cliques and weekend parties. Then the Student Life section was created. I was amazed at this new generation of high school students. I'd like to thank whoever thought up of putting that section in the city newspaper, and those who write in it. Sam Yun always has the 411 on stuff that's going on in school. Vlad Ionescu is the satirical genius. His Soulja Boy article really made that noisy mess of a song look good. Brianne Schar's article on financial aid made me feel a little guilty about how easy I had it getting into a college in my day, so I've been donating here and there to financial aid programs. When seeing what new ideas their minds are filled with by reading Student Life, I'm always even more pleased at my indirect yet thoughtful contribution to their education. Once again, I want to thank everyone that's making this newspaper possible every Friday, and especially the young ladies and gents that are telling me about what's going on in their everyday life. - Daniel P. Farlow, Downey

********** Published: May 8, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 3