Informed voters

Dear Editor:As Election Day draws near, perhaps many already begin to experience the 'enough already' attitude that can often become apathy and result in 'I don't really care who is elected,' after all nothing really changes,' state of mind... However, nothing can be more disastrous for a city, a state and a nation than an apathetic and especially an un-informed voter! Yes, we will continue to be bombarded by cynical ads and pervasive attacks from one party to another. Claims based on 'non-facts' that can be powerful enough to turn those precious swing votes into a win... As a long-time resident of Downey, I am concerned with the city's upcoming election and those who will be on the ballot. As the city's demographics continue to change, and a larger Hispanic majority becomes the populous vote, I would urge each and every voter that aside from exercising their civic duty, to please research each and every candidate! Just because a candidate has a 'Hispanic' last-name does not mean they are the best nor most qualified to do the job. Cities like Bell, Bell Gardens and Cudahy have already been exposed for their corrupt local governments and morally inept politicians, who swindled their cities out of millions for their individual gains. Just because candidates are endorsed by so-called unions, does not mean they have the business-sense, moral integrity and a track record of fiscal responsibility to make sound decisions on behalf of its constituents. The City of Downey needs individuals who will put personal agendas aside and make the future of Downey, and all that comes with it, better, such as: business growth, education, the preservation and advancement of the arts, technology and the continued revitalization of downtown and the Firestone corridor. In Downey, we need individuals that will 'own' not just the district they represent, but 'own' the entire city's needs. We need individuals who will move forward with a greater sense of passion, vision and a moral obligation to inspire the younger generations to civic duty and responsibility. These are unprecedented times, where tough decisions are being made every day. Unfortunately budgets will continue to be slimmed and programs may be at stake. Be suspicious of those candidates who promise to attract hundreds of businesses to the city; those who say they will hire more police and fire; those who promise to improve education.While those promises all sound great, we must ask the right questions: How? How would this city pay to hire more police and fire? How would this city attract hundreds of businesses? Where? What type of businesses? We need people in office who will represent our best interest and not be bought by groups nor unions for their best interests. Bankrupt cities like San Bernardino and Stockton are the result of financially irresponsible governments whose elected officials failed to see the red-ink long before, and continued living beyond their means. Shame on those governments for giving-in to unions and increasing benefits, pay and programs when they knew it was not fiscally responsible. Downey residents, let history guide our future and the examples we have recently seen in other failed governments be our marching order: I urge you residents of Downey to please Google and research the candidates and learn about their backgrounds and their track records. Exercising our Constitutional right to vote is indeed a tremendous privilege, but let's not forget, it comes with a HUGE responsibility! Claudia Marroquin-Frometa Downey

********** Published: August 16, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 18