Injured bird

Dear Editor:When my pet bird flew out of his cage and broke his leg, I was extremely worried because I knew how serious his injury was. I immediately began calling different animal hospitals throughout the area, and after speaking to over 30 of them, I started to panic. All of the prices were so high that I wondered how I would be able to afford the care needed for my bird. Just when I began to lose hope, I came across a clinic called "Above and Beyond Pet Care" in Downey. I spoke with a kind young man named Travis, who was very friendly and sympathetic of my situation, and agreed to see my bird even though it was after hours. When I reached the clinic, the entire staff was waiting for my arrival. I was not only impressed by how clean and welcoming the place was, but I was also so grateful for the kindness and professionalism shown to me by everyone working there. Not only did my bird receive the care he needed, but it was also provided at a very reasonable price. The staff truly went "above and beyond" to help me out in this difficult situation, and I recommend anyone, whose pet may be in need to care, to come visit this place. --Heena Raheem, La Palma

********** Published: March 29, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 50