Intersection improvements

Dear Editor:I wanted to be sure to thank the city of Downey Traffic and Engineering for the increased signage at the complex intersection of Firestone Boulevard and Newville/Stewart & Gray Road. I have lived at this address for more than 16 years and the sights and sounds of car crashes had been so common that it seemed there was no signage that could possibly convince people who do not live here and have not witnessed the strange dynamic of this intersection that turning against the safety recommendations was a serious warning that needed to be regarded. You would not believe how many crashes happened at this intersection. The city was in no way just trying to cramp their style by putting up signs there. The city managed to make the intersection safe. Finally, with three no-right-turn-on-red signs, the no-left-turn signs and no-U-turn signs, along with the red arrow, I have either lost some of my hearing or there are a lot less crashes going on around here. I cannot say I miss having to try to guess if the crash was loud enough to warrant running out and seeing if some poor banged-up soul needed 911. And many crashes went unreported. It felt unsafe to cross that street on foot, to stand on the barrier halfway across pushing the button because someone even hit the tree on the wide grassy barrier. On behalf of the unknown people who will not be injured or killed, who can drive through this intersection blissfully unaware of how you may have impacted their lives and on behalf of the people living on Newville who have more peace, I wanted to make sure someone took the time to say thank you. Because you made a big difference. - Lori Pillow, Downey

********** Published: March 26, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 49