Is your blush brush clean?

Here to cover all your basic beauty needs are celebrity makeup artist, Angie Itomura, and her sidekick, Megan Poland, with their tricks of the trade in the makeup industry.BEAUTY TIP OF THE Month: Making your blush work for you, not the other way around. Does your blush look streaky when you put it on? If you answered yes to these questions have you ever considered if your blush brush is clean? Yes, ladies, the answer can be as simple as using a clean brush. Every time we apply blush we dip right back into the plush pot or container thus adding more product to the brush and overloading it with color. After a while the dirty blush brush filled with blush and oils from your skin are unable to transfer onto the face properly causing streaks and an uneven application. There is also another culprit, not enough powder on the cheek area to give the blush "a slip", or movement. Before applying blush and after having applied foundation make sure to set the foundation with your favorite powder to avoid smearing as well as to keep your blush from streaking. The powder provides a base for the blush to glide on. For more info, please stop by the Downey Makeup Academy, 12340 Woodruff Ave., Downey, CA 90241-5610.

********** Published: February 24, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 45