It's a baby

Dear Editor:In the abortion debate there really is only one question: Is it a human being or isn't it? If it is a human being, no reason is good enough. Let me explain. Anita Rivero uses the argument of babies born into poverty (Letters to the Editor, 5/29/09). May we kill our children when they become too expensive? Of course not. So if the unborn is a human being, why is it OK to take its life? Abortion is legal for virtually any reason. If it will cause the mother psychological distress, that is good enough. Is it OK to kill our children when they stress us out? Why is it OK to take the life of the unborn? Probably the most difficult situation is a pregnancy that is the result of rape. How could you possibly ask a woman to carry that baby? Tell me, is it OK to make a child pay for the crime of the father? Is it OK to take the life of a child to make Mommy feel better? We need to resolve the issue of, "What is it?" In answering this question we need to remember that cats give birth to cats, dogs give birth to dogs, and elephants give birth to elephants. Humans give birth to humans. But all you really need to do is look at pictures of fetal development. There is no doubt. It isn't a gold fish. It isn't a blob of tissue. It's a baby. - Russ Johnson, Downey

********** Published: June 5, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 7