Keep the UN out of it

Dear Editor:Just when you thought you'd heard everything, something new comes up with something worse. This administration's wasting of the stimulus money, the bankruptcy of these foolish "green" energy give-away programs, the money spent for government ownership of cars, banks, etc., not collecting taxes on GE and making Jeffrey Emmet job czar so he could outsource GE to China, giving $16 million to Phillips to develop a $50 light bulb to save electricity, but foolishly spending mega bucks to develop two electric cars - one fell apart when tested and the other catches on fire. The gasoline situation is ridiculous. At one of his 107 fundraisers, President Obama said some dreamed-up nonsense of his could save us $8,000 a year on gas. I figured out that I only spend approximately $50 a week, totaling about $2,600 a year. How can I save $8,000? Now if you're a trucker it has cost them $29 billion more in gas to deliver food, etc., thereby meaning that we pay higher food prices, etc. Yet President Obama won't sign permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline. (He may need gasoline for his campaign fundraising 'till next November.) President Obama's healthcare program, we now know, is twice what he said it would be and government employees won't be under it; also unions and big companies have opted out. Why? I belonged to a sewing group. Could we have called the UN to decide if Eric Holder and the Justice Department needed to be investigated for gun running, giving guns to drug cartels to kill thousands in Mexico and one of our Border Patrol officers? Or why he didn't investigate the New Black Panther Party who, in full uniform and with guns, intimidated voters at the last election or should we have called the UN to do it? It appears Mr. Holder only has learned how to sue the states on voting qualifications or states that want to stop illegal immigration because they can no longer afford the costs. Whatever happened to states' rights? If you love and care about the U.S., everyone reading this must call any and all senators and congress members and tell them to stop this disgusting intrusion of the UN. The toll free number to anyone in Congress is (866) 220-0044. The White House is (202) 456-1111. This will be a test to see if you really love this country and value your freedom. Keep the lines hot. No UN deciding anything in the U.S. -- Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: March 22, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 49