Keeping Downey beautiful and free of graffiti

DOWNEY - Have you ever noticed how unwanted graffiti doesn't hang around very long in our city? There's a reason for that, and that reason is Lisa, a hardworking and dedicated graffiti removal expert.I met Lisa outside of my house removing unwanted graffiti from a caution sign on my block. The graffiti was called in and reported to our graffiti hotline just three hours earlier. I asked Lisa what she used to remove the graffiti, and if it was toxic or dangerous to our plants or pets. Lisa's reply was that what she used to remove the graffiti was a compound made from all natural and safe ingredients. It was made from orange oil, and it smelled pretty good too. It's everyday people like Lisa that goes largely unnoticed, but who perform a wonderful service to our community. I thank Lisa, and the city of Downey, for providing this wonderful service. It's what keeps our city steps ahead of the surrounding communities. If you see graffiti being written, get a good description of the perpetrators and their vehicle and call the police to report it immediately. The graffiti removal hotline number is (562) 923-4484. Let's continue to keep Downey beautiful and safe. -Story and photo by Jonathan Brownlee

********** Published: October 20, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 27