Keeping the city clean

Dear Editor:Our city's park system has provided us with excellent resources for its citizens and those visiting our city to enjoy during weekends and holidays this summer. I can't help to notice, however, that our Golden Park, as I'm sure other parks in Downey, are suffering from the lack of attention by both the staff at the parks and those utilizing the park for birthdays and other celebrations. Every weekend, and it hasn't failed, there is an enormous amount of trash that is left over by the people using the parks that don't quite make it to the garbage cans provided by our city. Furthermore, and this is the real kicker, administration (typically apathetic teens lacking real leadership), do nothing and hang out with their good friends and chums while there is much trash to be picked up. I am more than willing to put money that this has not been reported to the City of Downey. Conversely, for people that do use the trash cans, there aren't sufficient ones provided to meet the demands of weekend summer celebrations. In other words, trash is in the trash, but because trash cans are only so big, the remainder of the trash lies around the filled-up cans. Let's get more trash cans out or larger size trash cans so that residents, who care about the city and where and how they live are equally respected. We need to keep Downey beautiful. Whenever I'm out walking my dog, I make sure to help, as do other community members, pick up trash that is left behind by people who apparently take for granted the beauty of our park system or just plain lack the education and the concept of a trash can. Enough is enough. The community, guests from other cities, and our city officials need to collaborate on keeping this city clean. There is no need for any of Downey's residents to tolerate the trashing of our beautiful community. - Giovanni Hortua Vargas, Downey

********** Published: July 29, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 15