Laurie Tyler installed as Chamber of Commerce president

DOWNEY – Downey Chamber of Commerce members gathered together at Los Amigos Golf Course Wednesday afternoon for their 113th annual Installation of Officers and Directors Lunch.

The event was sponsored by Rose Hills and Miller Mies Downey Mortuary. The luncheon served as a time to recognize and honor those who dedicated their time and energy to the Chamber’s events in the past year.

Outgoing officers and directors, as well as individuals returning in officer and director rolls were all recognized and honored. The chamber also introduced two new directors in Maria Fernandez of Sunrise Reality and Michael Chirco of Chirco Heating and Air. 

Two particular spotlights were put on outgoing President Cindy Kovach of US Bank, and the incoming Laurie Tyler of Financial Partners Credit Union. 

Mayor Alex Saab and Mayor Pro Tem Fernando Vasquez were both present to recognize both women.

“On behalf of the City of Downey, we’d like to thank you for an incredible year of service,” said Saab, addressing Kovach. “It’s extra special, you being a lifelong resident of Downey, and you working here and contributing in so many ways. As a former board member, I know how much work it takes and as president you really stepped up and took that role in an incredible way. The citizens of Downey and the businesses are that much better because of all your actions…”

Saab was also responsible for the swearing in of the Directors and Officers for the upcoming term at the event, as well as the new president. Shortly after being sworn in, now new Chamber President Tyler gave a few remarks. 

“It is an honor to represent the Downey Chamber of Commerce as president this year, and to work with an amazing staff, the Board of Directors, the ambassadors, city officials and city staff as we unite together to support the businesses in Downey,” said Tyler. “…to the board, the ambassadors, and the volunteers and staff, we have another busy year ahead of us. We have been entrusted with great responsibility. 

“As we look forward I want to challenge the board to continue to build on the momentum of the past to become an even better advocate for businesses in Downey, to be good stewards of our resources, to provide a bridge between the city and the businesses through educational opportunities, to provide exciting events that promote and support our businesses.”