Legislation adds prison time to drug crimes

SACRAMENTO – A new bill from state Sen. Tony Mendoza would enhance punishment for drug trafficking and manufacturing that occurs near schools. The bill, SB 212, would expand the Juvenile Drug Trafficking & School Yard Act of 1988 to include private property. The bill is intended to protect children when drug crimes take place near schools, said Mendoza.

“Children should be protected from drug trafficking or manufacturing regardless of whether it takes place on public or private property,” said Mendoza, a former school teacher. “SB 212 will strengthen the law and send a clear message that if you manufacture or traffic illicit drugs near our children’s schools you will be severely punished.”

Specifically, SB 212 would allow a judge to impose an additional sentence of three, four or five years in prison for people who are convicted of manufacturing or trafficking controlled substances on public or private property within 1,000 feet or a private or public school.

The bill also adds preschools to the list of protected schools.



Published: Feb. 19, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 45