LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A nation divided

Dear Editor:

While people all over were posting on every social media platform, “We Will Never Forget,” on Sept. 11, I was thinking, “I think we have already forgotten!”

We’ve allowed our political differences, religious viewpoints and opposing sentiments to get in the way of loving humanity. We fight for our ‘rights’ and we look for scapegoats when the economy is bleak. We turn our back on people suffering all over the world when we don’t have any economic interests at stake. 

There are people in Sudan, in the Middle East, escaping horrible war-conditions in search for freedom. Where are we? We are busy complaining and sweating the small stuff. We are busy scrutinizing each other and every move our law enforcement officers make, question every decision they make, good or bad, and vow for revenge. We are busy holding on to grudges and withholding forgiveness.

The horrific event of 9/11 and the hours and days that followed brought out the best in people! For the first time, black, white, yellow, brown, immigrant, non-immigrant, poor, rich, educated or not, we became One Nation Under God. One Nation, comforting, loving, uplifting, helping and supporting a brother or sister in need, didn’t matter who they were or what they looked like. 

Fourteen years later, where are we America? Not just on 9/11, but every day, really, may we truly remember to love on humanity!

Claudia Marroquin-Frometa