Letter to the Editor: Animal shelters

Dear Editor:

I think that we should stop murdering perfectly adoptable animals in animal shelters. In fact, they shouldn’t even be called shelters at all. The definition of shelter is to protect or shield from something harmful. 

These animals are being shielded from nothing; they know that they are going to be killed. A more appropriate name would be: “Slaughterhouse of Unwanted Pets”, because these animals are being sent to meat rendering plants and grinded up into pet food without public knowledge.

People need to know that when they relinquish their unwanted pet to an animal shelter, their animal will be killed. Shelters kill animals, that’s their job, to kill.

I don’t like what I see in this country in regards to animal welfare. We are in deep need of reform all across the United States of America. Animal shelters should be sanctuaries, where no animal is killed. 

Patty Jackson