Letter to the Editor: Apologies on behalf of Trump

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the country I love and fought for, I wish to apologize for the slanderous and insulting remark Donald Trump made when calling President Obama ignorant. That served as an example of how ignorant Trump is. 

Regardless of whether you like him or not, Obama is one of the most brilliant and greatest orators of all the presidents in the history of our great country. 

As a rule I don’t get involved in controversial or political issues and I don’t believe in strict party loyalty; I’ve voted both ways in an attempt to determine who is the most qualified for the job. 
What really worries and puzzles me is, of all the decent, caring, respectful and qualified people the GOP had to choose from, why did they select the most unqualified, narcissistic, self centered, unprincipled, and miserable example of a human being they could possibly come up with? 
God help us.

Harold Hougland