Letter to the Editor: Arts community

Dear Editor:

The Downey Arts Coalition is currently producing a revival, Defying Gravity, a play by Jane Anderson, at the Columbia Memorial Space Center. The play is about the Challenger explosion and the lives it affected. 

The play opened the last weekend in April and continues May 5, 6, 12, 13, and 14th.

A city thrives with an active arts community, especially when it is supported by local businesses and volunteers. I would like to thank the Central Basin Municipal Water District for 7 cases of water, Grocery Outlet for the many, many bags of food, Cafe Opa for the dessert trays, the Firestone Starbucks manager, Josh, for all that coffee, and Glenn Stephens of GlennFest for the sparkling cider.  These donations went to feed the cast and crew of this wonderful play.

If you haven’t yet seen the play there are five more evenings left and on Friday, May 5, the playwright Jane Anderson will attend the event and she and the cast will discuss the play at its conclusion.

Terry Walker
Downey Arts Coalition
Community and Youth Outreach Coordinator