Letter to the Editor: Ban zoos

Dear Editor:

The Cincinnati Zoo should have used a tranquilizer gun on Harambe the gorilla, instead of using lethal force. Harambe was shot to death at the zoo after a 4-year-old child climbed into his enclosure. Lethal force was used on the gorilla as the little boy was between his legs. 

The video shows that the gorilla was actually trying to protect the child. There was an instance when he dragged him through the water, possibly due to all the screaming from the crowd. The child was with the gorilla for about 10 minutes and the gorilla was not acting aggressive towards the child according to eyewitnesses.

Authorities claim that a tranquilizer gun would have taken too long, however, I still think that they should have tried using the tranquilizer gun instead of lethal force. 

We need to change things in this country. We are no longer in the 1800’s, when women weren’t allowed to vote, and thank goodness that we no longer wear hooped petticoats, or drive road vehicles that we need to hand crank, because we have evolved. But one of the things that bothers me greatly about this country is that nothing seems to be evolving in favor of the advancement of animal welfare laws.

With this tragic senseless shooting of Harambe, many of us would like to see zoos permanently banned in the United States. These animals belong in their natural habitats, not incarcerated for people to gawk at them, or for zoo officials to shoot them to death.

Let’s start taking care of the animals that share this planet with us, because the time has come for change.

Patty Jackson